Puppy Mills

  • Breed for profit
  • Have no regard for animal health or welfare
  • Breed multiple breeds
  • Know very little about the breed(s)
  • Lack sanitary living conditions
  • Cage their dogs 24/7 – no socialization or training
  • Never allow viewing/touring of property or kennels
  • No parents on site
  • Offer to meet remotely to complete sale (ie; parking lot or shipping)
  • No application or purchase contract required
  • No spay/neuter policy
  • No return policy

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Reputable Breeders

  • Breed for companionship and/or to maintain/improve breed standard
  • Health is # 1 concern
  • Breeding dogs are tested for genetic defects
  • Focus on one or two breeds
  • Are experts in their knowledge of the breed(s)
  • Raise pups in clean, safe sanitary living conditions
  • Raise pups in home environment – with socialization/training
  • Invite you to visit their facility and tour the kennel
  • Parent(s)  always on site (especially the mother)
  • Sale/contract is completed at the breeder’s home
  • Application/references required
  • Spay/neuter policy
  • Solid return policy

NOTE:  Purchasing a puppy from a breeder whose puppies are registered with The Canadian Kennel Club does not guarantee the health or temperament of the puppies.  Purebred registered puppies simply means that the puppies are the result of a mother and father of a single breed.  Purebred does not mean well bred!

Breeder Checklist

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Rescue Groups

  • Save dogs from euthanasia
  • Ensure that all dogs are vetted, vaccinated and spayed/neutered prior to adoption
  • Will identify any health/behavioral issues prior to adoption
  • Familiarize themselves with dog’s temperament prior to adoption
  • Ensure dogs are safely and temporary homed with foster families
  • Work hard to ensure successful permanent home
  • Always conduct home visits with potential adopters prior to adoption
  • Offer post-adoption assistance
  • Return policy (ie; if re-homing is necessary)

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Rescue Facts:

  • Contrary to popular belief, many dogs who end up in rescue/shelters are not rejects, throwaways, problem dogs, or untrainable.
  • It is estimated that as many as 25% of dogs in the rescue/shelter system are purebred, and end up there for a variety of reasons.
  • Many of these dogs are familiar with living as part of a family unit and are already housetrained, have good manners, and are obedient.  In other words, they make wonderful family pets.
  • If you are set on a particular breed, check into the many ‘breed-specific’ rescue organizations offering purebred dogs for adoption, or ensure that you are dealing with a responsible ethical breeder.

Price Comparison for Dog Sources