Our Work

Compassionate Community Caring

We know all too well the ongoing costs of pet guardianship. As part of our commitment to animals, we fundraise specifically to help individual pet owners and families who struggle to keep up with the ongoing costs of their pet’s health care needs.

We do this through our ’empties’ program, by collecting empty beer cans, beer bottles, wine and liquor bottles.

Since 2017, our generous network of community partners, including friends, family, neighbours, local businesses, and complete strangers, helped us raise over $43,000.00, all of which was distributed to help pay for vet bills, food and health costs relating to caring for animals.

We invite anyone who needs help with their pet’s health care to contact us directly.

If you would like to help animals by donating your ’empties’, please join our network of community partners.  Send us an e-mail for drop off location.


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Helping animals one empty at a time