Education Program

Educate and report1Exposing Puppy Mills through Education

Whilst we educate audiences of all ages through public events, outreach, and fundraisers, we are specifically focused on youth education.

For Younger Audiences – Ages 7 through 12

Discussing puppy mills to children can be challenging.  We have developed an interactive, hands-on, fun presentation, using age-appropriate content and materials.

Our program includes:

  • Responsible dog ownership – What this means to a child
  • Puppies in pet stores – Think about that
  • Learning about kindness to animals through interaction and fun
  • Motivational interactive learning through role playing

Our take-home package includes fun activities whilst encouraging parents to continue their child’s learning and to share their knowledge with others.

Our Certificate of Kindness campaign encourages children to engage in deliberate acts of kindness to all animals, and encourages them to speak out about animal cruelty.

BrowniesFor Young Adult Audiences – ages 12-16

This presentation is geared towards Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship course and Grade 11-12 courses on Politics and/or Legal Studies.

Our program includes:

  • Educating students on the social, economic and animal welfare costs of Canadian puppy mills
  • Exploring real-world barriers to change, such as political will and poor enforcement of laws
  • Empowering students in becoming involved, socially-conscious citizens by sharing examples of PAWS’ advocacy and outreach work
  • Resources on responsible pet ownership, whilst engaging thought provoking questions about puppy mills
  • How the future of puppy mills can be changed through our actions and choices